This Week in SaaS

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  1. IaaS = Leasing a car, the most complex of the three and you decide the specs and cover all the additional costs that come with it.
  2. PaaS = Renting a car, indifferent to the specifics like color and options, but still cover all the costs of using.
  3. SaaS = Taxi/Uber, you don’t care about the specifics like color and options, and you don’t cover the costs as it is all baked into the price of the service.
  • Client Independence — All the services including data, middleware, servers, and storage, etc. are managed by the vendor giving clients peace of mind & the independence.
  • Subscription model — You only pay for the services that you want & for how long without any commitment for either.
  • Automatic updates — Since the software is hosted on remote servers elsewhere, updates are automatically pushed to the client’s machines without the need for the extra effort.
  • Location independence — As the software is Cloud-based it can be accessed from anywhere on any device without the need to worry about installing it wherever you go.
  • No Overhead costs — The services are available on-demand, therefore, there are no costs associated with packaging & distribution, etc.
  • Limit Piracy — Again the non-availability of the software on any hardware medium restricts the unauthorized use or the piracy of the service.
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Scratchpad for investment concepts seed — alternatives

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Ian Bambrick

Ian Bambrick

Scratchpad for investment concepts seed — alternatives

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