The Progression of Autonomous Driving

  1. Most Advanced Software: TuSimple has developed the industry-leading autonomous system specifically designed to meet the unique demands of heavy-duty trucks. Our proprietary software allows trucks to operate nearly continuously on highways and surface streets day and night, rain or shine.
  2. Strongest Industry Partnerships: TuSimple has established an unprecedented ecosystem of strategic partners bringing together world-class suppliers and manufacturing partners. Some of our strategic partners include Navistar, TRATON, Penske, NVIDIA, ZF and many more.
  3. Winning Go-To Market Strategy: TuSimple created the world’s first and most advanced Autonomous Freight Network (AFN) allowing autonomous trucks to transport freight from A to B safely and reliably. The AFN is currently active today and utilized by shippers, carriers and fleets.




Scratchpad for investment concepts seed — alternatives

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Ian Bambrick

Ian Bambrick

Scratchpad for investment concepts seed — alternatives

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