Future SaaS Stars: Fulfilld.io

My SaaS pick of the week, future superstar companies at seed stage or below.

This week I am diving into Fulfilld.io, subscription-based Intelligent Warehouse Management System. Fulfilld is founded by Yosh Eisbart (Co-Founder & CEO) as well as Michael Pytel their CTO.

With Fulfilld, you’re able to hyperdrive your Warehouse Operations with by machine learning, natural language digital assistant, configurable alerting, and proactive system recommendations.

Their embedded analytics and pre-built ERP integration, allows for a new standard for cloud-based Warehouse Management Software

Clients can expect simple-easy implementation; quarterly releases; no-minimum licensing; and consumer-grade user experience.

Fulfilld is new. They were founded in Oct 1, 2020. So operations are quite literally just getting off the ground. The seed round was funded by the co-founders ($500k round), so it will be exciting to see what happens as institutional capital is injected into the business.

They’re based in Denver and will be soon bringing the Fulfilld to market.

The 3 main value add capabilities to the platform:

Digital Twin

Fulfilld creates a digital twin of your warehouse.

To understand physical layout, stock patterns and asset utilization, Fulfilld supports Order-based and advanced Wave-picking. Need real-time workforce biometrics? We monitor employee wearable data such as step-counts, ambient temperature, noise and light levels, location data and provide the ability to add more data.

All this data is paired with your ERP system and Machine Learning to optimize employee maximum productivity.

Faster Employee Ramp-Up

Their consumer-grade User Experience is easy to use and understand.

Using best-in-class design familiar actions and navigation along with tutorials akin to other consumer mobile Apps (think Apple) –Fulfilld reduces the time a new employee requires to become effective.

Resource turnover is a business challenge. Fulfilld helps mitigate this challenge with intelligent software and an elegant interface.

Advanced Analytics

They know you already have great analytic tools — but the data isn’t accessible. Fulfilld was built from the ground-up with Advanced Analytics in mind… all data is accessible with in-memory data models.

Either leverage Fulfilld’s embedded Analytics or connect to your favorite Business Intelligence toolset such as Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio, SAP Analytics Cloud — or even export to MS Excel. It’s your data — access it anywhere anytime.

Fulfilld also integrates with the leading Enterprise Resource Planning Software platforms out of the box making system synchronization seamless

Market Size: The global warehouse management system (WMS) market size was valued at USD 1.69 billion in 2017. It is expected to register a CAGR of over 16.0% over the forecast period.

Overall, we are going to want to target these KPI’s when further diving into Fulfilld.

  1. LTV/CAC (Target 4:1)
  2. MoM Growth (15%+)
  3. Margin Profile (targeting high margins here, 70%+)
  4. ARR Growth (90%+ at this stage, targeting 50%+ at growth stage)

Right now, Fulfilld should be focusing on rolling out their product, granted they’ve beta tested. Then building a core team to further enhance product features, and rock star rales reps to quickly fill the sales pipeline. Once they’ve taken care of preliminary business, they can look towards bringing on great venture partners.

I’m certainly looking forward to keeping track of Fulfilld in the future and will track any major funding progressions/news worthy pieces.

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